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MPS Drinking Water RE-Test Information (lead) - MHS Using Bottled Water
Posted 03/16/2017 12:33PM

MPS Drinking Water Retest Information

MHS TO USE BOTTLED WATER while branch service line issue is resolved

Visit www.mpsri.net/lead for the most recent information.

Recent events in the news have highlighted water conditions in several locations across this country.  In 2016, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed a law requiring the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) to test drinking water in schools for lead.  Our district voluntarily submitted drinking water samples.  A state-certified lab tested all water samples.

  •  What buildings within the District were tested?

Water testing has been completed in ALL of our buildings by state-certified labs. 

  • What did the results of the testing reveal?

To date, we have received results back for all school buildings. Currently the results of the testing revealed lead concentration in ALL school buildings BELOW the requirement of 15 ppb (part per billion).  (The initial results did show some fixtures testing above the requirement but the retest shows these locations now BELOW the requirements.)  The current testing did reveal lead concentration at the Middletown High School branch service line at the water meter tested very high.  The cause is unknown at this time but could be from sediment at the branch service line test valve or joint connection.  

  • Where can I view the results?

Initial District Results (analyzed by state lab): http://www.mpsri.net/uploaded/documents/facilities/reports/lead_water_testing_Letter.pdf  

Current / Retest1 MHS Results (analyzed by state lab): http://www.mpsri.net/uploaded/documents/facilities/reports/Middletown_HS_Re-test_Results_Letter.pdf

  •  What is being done in response to the results at Middletown High School branch service line?

The district is taking immediate action.  As of right now we are:

  • Working with the Newport Water Department to determine the material of the water service line from the street.
  • We are investigating the meter service feed line. 
  • We continue to retest this week, including different times of the day and locations (downstream) to compare results.
  • We are requiring the use of bottled water for drinking.  
  • Do other buildings need to use bottled water for drinking?
    No, all other buildings have tested BELOW the requirement.  
  • How will I be updated?

Please visit our website at www.mpsri.net/lead .  We will also continue to keep updated information on the main page (www.mpsri.net ) in the NEWS section.  Also, Middletown High School will use their listserve to provide updates to parents and students.  

  • Who can I talk to at Middletown Public Schools?

If you would like to talk to someone at the school department about the test results, please call David Fontes, Director of Facilities, Transportation and Safety, at 401-849-2122 or email dfontes@mpsri.net   





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