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 MPS Student Laptop Carts

Student laptop carts are available for educators to provide active, engaging, differentiated instruction to meet the needs of ALL of our students.  

Before educators begin to use the laptop carts they must review this site and participate in a MPS Technology Department Laptop Orientation Session.

Important Documents

MPS Student Laptop Cart Guidelines-Elementary  (rules, protocols, etc.)  pdf

MPS Student Laptop Guide & Troubleshooting (technical how to's) for one piece uno pdf

MPS Student Laptop Guide & Troubleshooting (technical how to's) for two piece uno pdf

MPS Student Laptop Presentation (getting started)  for one piece uno ppt

MPS Student Laptop Presentation (getting started)  for two piece uno ppt

Student Laptop Assignment Sheet (for consistent assignment of laptops) doc

Laptop Cart Maintenance Log Sheet (to stay with cart) doc

Sign for Cart (how to's) ppt

 Locations of Laptop Carts

Laptop Carts are available for teacher sign out:

  • These laptops may be signed out using our online Lab & Resource Scheduler ( > quicklinks > )  They may be signed out in groups of 5 laptops (for example a teacher may sign out 5 laptops only) or they may sign out the entire cart.

If you are unsure of the main storage location (home base) of the cart(s) then please see your main office / building administration.

About the Laptops

Student devices are convertible laptops with a touch screen and were built specifically for education

.  The (accidental drop) warranty has been extended to 3 years.  The operating system is Windows 8.1.  The UNOBOOK® 2 in 1 tablet was custom-made by Intel for our educational tablet line-up. Designed to be water and dust resistant, with an easy to hold texturized surface and carrying handle, this rugged device is ready to be put to the test in the class. It also features use

ful tools for students such as a pen-shaped stylus, thermal probe and lens cover for the camera which turns the tablet into a microscope. We’ve built the UNOBOOK® 2 in 1 with the latest Intel Bay Trail-T, quad-core processor which is designed to improve the speed and battery life of tablets. Powered with over 8 hours of battery life. Our student device is the INTEL UNOBOOK 2 in 1 tablet.  

Cart Access and Maintenance

The laptop carts are locked with a key.  Be sure to keep keys in a secure area while you are using the cart.  The building administration is responsible for management of the key(s).

It is imperative that we all follow protocol at all times when using the laptops.  We must all work together to support continued access and proper working order of the laptops.

All maintenance issues must have a work order submitted AND be recorded in the maintenance log.  Each teacher is re

sponsible for submitting the work order for laptops that are not working during their session with the laptops (include the laptop name/number and the name of the cart in the work order). It would also be helpful if a note or printed copy of the work order was put on the laptop.   Please be sure the maintenance log remains with the cart at all times.

Protocols and Rules of Use

* In addition to adhering to the following rules when using the laptop carts, it is essential you become familiar with some of the technical aspects of the cart and laptops you will be using.  Please review the Student Laptop Guidelines and Laptop Guide & Troubleshooting Document before you begin using the laptops in your classes.

Students will need guidance on proper use and handling if the laptops are going to work properly for you, your students and the classrooms that will use it after you. Please review the Student Laptop Presentation with your students.

1. The carts are stored in specific areas of each building. Contact your main office / building administrator for this information. 

2. Laptops are to be used by trained teachers only. Under no circumstances are laptops to be used when there is a substitute in the classroom. Laptop Orientation Workshops are held periodically throughout the year for new teachers to be trained or veterans to become reacquainted (please sign up in My Learning Plan). 

3. Teachers must use lab and resource scheduler ( > quicklinks>) to sign out the carts.

4. Teachers must utilize the laptop sign out sheet for assigning laptops for students. This should be collected and kept on file for future reference.

5. All students using the laptops must have signed the District Computer Use Agreement. 

6. Let your students know the rules, protocols, and best practice of use BEFORE starting a lesson with the laptops. Please review the Student Laptop Presentation with your students.

7. Model how to use the laptops, handle them appropriately, etc. 

8. Consider doing a short lesson in Internet Safety with your students.  (See Digital Citizenship & Safety information below)

9. Allow students to go to and from the carts in pairs. Large crowds around the laptop cart can sometimes lead to mass confusion and accidents with the laptops. Students should LEAVE the power supply IN THE CART.

10. Reward good behavior with incentives. (For example - maybe a couple of students can be "helpers' to hand out laptops and help put them back appropriately in the cart) 

11. Students should inspect their laptop at the beginning of use and immediately report any issues.

12. Students will log on to the laptop with their network username and password.  Teachers should NEVER share their password.  Students should NEVER share their passwords with another student.  If a student cannot log in then submit a work order.

13. If headphones and mice are being used, they must be used with care by all students.  (The district encourages students to use their personal headphones as opposed to shared headphones.  District supplied headphones are available when absolutely necessary.) 

14. Laptop Carts cannot be signed out for longer than a 2 week period of time. 

15. Teachers must wait at least two weeks after signing out the cart to sign it out again and cannot create a repeating time for using the carts throughout the year. 

16. When you done using the laptops, students should log off and then completely shut down before the students close them.  

17.  Be sure to allow students sufficient time to put the laptops away prior to leaving the class.  Students and teachers must return laptops to the corresponding numbered shelf in the cart.  Laptops should be plugged in while stored in the cart.

18. When the laptops are returned to the carts, please perform a visual check to see if all laptops are there.  Students should not be dismissed until all laptops are accounted for and the cart has been inspected by the teacher.

19. In the event a laptop is missing, you must notify your building administrator immediately. The missing laptop should also be reported to the Technology Help Desk immediately.  

20 .When you are finished using the cart, return it to the home base before the end of the day. (If applicable, be sure all mice, headphones and manuals are accounted for. Mice cords can be rolled around the mice to avoid cords being tangled. Headphones should be placed back in the plastic bags.) 

21. All maintenance issues must be recorded in the maintenance log. Each teacher is responsible for submitting work orders for laptops that are not working during their session with the laptops (include the laptop name/number and the name of the cart in the work order).  It would be a good idea to put a note or printed copy of the work order on the laptop. Please be sure the maintenance log remains with the cart at all times.

22. Do not send students to transport the laptop carts without a responsible adult. 

23. When carts are not in use and when they are being moved from room to room, be sure the carts are locked.  Whenever possible, the laptop cart should be plugged in.

24. There is to be no food or drink near the laptops or carts.

25.  A default printer is set up for the laptops.  The elementary school default printer is located in the computer lab.  The middle school and high school default printer is located in the library.  Users can add their own printer.

Instruction & Laptop Use Resources

Our MPS, 21st Century Learning & Our Digital Transformation page can help you plan your lessons.  The videos and presentations available here will help you consider higher order thinking skills, ISTE Technology Standards and 21st Century Skills which are critical for a successful classroom today.  Additional resources can be found at our Blending Our Instruction page.  Here you will find resources on blended learning environments and flipped classrooms.  

Digital Citizenship & Safety

Please visit our MPS Digital Citizenship & Safety page

Laptop Cart Educator Orientation

Before educators begin to use the laptop carts they must review this site and participate in a MPS Technology Department Laptop Orientation Session.  These sessions will be provided after school.  Educators can sign up for the session using My Learning Plan.


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