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Middletown Public Schools
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MPS Tech User Guide

Download the MPS Tech User Guide


Technology @ Middletown Public Schools

Middletown Public Schools Web Site


Staff Network Accounts

All staff members are provided network accounts.  Please maintain this account properly.  A private folder is provided for you on the M drive.  Please delete files that you no longer use from this folder.  Also, files should not be kept on your local hard drives, please move your folders and files to your folder on the M drive.  If your account is tampered with or you are unable to log in, please report this immediately to the online help desk.

Student Network Accounts

All students are provided network accounts.  If a student account is not working properly, please report this to the online help desk.


Logging On to the MPSRI Network

Every account holder (student & staff member) will need to log onto the network.  When the computer is turned on there will be a screen prompting you for your network username and password.  The domain (log on to) should say MPSRI. 


Saving Files on the M drive

Every account holder or user has a home directory mapped to drive M: for storing files on the server.  It is good practice to use this network directory for storing files because it is regularly backed up.  You are the only person who has access to files stored on your home directory. 

Once you have logged in, your documents should be saved in the M drive:

  1. Select File then Save as

      2. Select your user name (M:) from the save in drop down

  1. Name your file and select Save


Printing Options

Every computer on the network should have a printer designated as the default printer.  It is generally the closest in proximity to your room or in the room. 

If you are prompted to select a specific printer, from the Printer Name box click on the down arrow and double click the printer you would like to use.


Troubleshooting printers:

  • Make sure you have selected the correct printer
  • Make sure the printer is on and online
  • Make sure there is paper in the printer
  • Make sure your printer is not out of toner


Logging Off

Please be sure to log off of a PC when you are done working on it.  Please note that the types of access and user rights provided to the staff are different than those assigned to the students.  Sharing your password or not logging off a computer presents security risks to your information as well as our network.  Select Start and Log Off...


ALL staff of Middletown Public Schools have MPSRI.NET email accounts provided for them.  These accounts are available through any Internet accessible computer.  To access your mail follow the steps below:

  • 1. Go to and select the quicklinks button - select webmail
  • 2. Enter your username and password. If prompted, the domain name is MPSRI.


Network Drives

You can access network drives from My Computer on the desktop.  You can also save here using File and Save as.

drive name


student access




Read only for students

Used to provide templates , etc for students

Your username


Each user has their own private folder here

All network account holders save files here - accessible from any computer on Middletown Public Schools' network



No access for students

Access for staff members only - use to place files that other staff members would need access to



(not available at MHS)


Students can save here but not delete

Full access for staff only - used to have students submit work to be graded electronically



Please visit our web site for additional Technology Department Information , Policies and the MPS Technology Plan-


District User Accounts:

MPSRI Network


MPSRI Web mail


Online Library - Destiny


Comalex Lunch Account


Copier Account


Online Absence Reporting - AESOP


Final Site Teacher Web Sites*


Sharepoint Portal


SchoolMAX and/or iCUE*


TIEnet (Special Education, Assessment, Curriculum)*


NWEA (Local Assessment)*


My Learning Plan



* Must take training before receiving an account


Middletown Public Schools - Student Information System

SchoolMAX - User Information






Principals, Clerks/Assistants, Nurses, Guidance Counselors,



Teachers for attendance and grades




You can access the log-in screens for SchoolMAX from the web site via the quick links button

*SchoolMAX users can also use the client software that has been installed on their PCs.





Middletown Public Schools

Student Information System - SchoolMAX




Logging in to iCUE (teacher access to SchoolMAX)




1. From the district homepage ( select the quicklinks button. You should then select the ICUE Log-In Link. (You may also enter in the address bar in Internet Explorer.)

2. Enter your log-in information (Caps-lock should not be on)




Middletown Public Schools - Special Education & Instructional Management System

TIEnet - User Information


Logging in to TIEnet




1.  From the district homepage ( select the quicklinks button.  You should then select the TIEnet Log-In Link.  (You may also enter in the address bar in Internet Explorer.)

2.  Enter your log-in information  (Caps-lock should not be on)




Submitting a Tech Request / Work Order


  • MPS employees will log into or select the work order from the quicklinks menus at
  • MPS employees will need the organization account number of 220501125 and the submittal password of mps. They will also need to enter their email address.
  • Emergencies will be reported to the main office in the appropriate building. The main office staff will call the facilities office or the technology office depending upon the problem.
  • Unless it is an emergency, principals should NO LONGER submit work orders for their staff.

  • Please call the academic & technology services office with any questions, comments or concerns.



   "At its best, technology can facilitate deep exploration and integration of information, high-level thinking, and profound engagement by

allowing students to design, explore, experiment, access information, and model complex phenomena."-Goldman, Cole and Syer (1999)





Sean Bouzan Director of Technology
Leah Caron Help Desk
Jeff Jenkins Help Desk Technician
Russell Kruse Network Administrator

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