April Month of Military Child

Military members and families sacrifice for the security and safety of our nation, specifically
military children, during their K-12 careers. In April, the Military Interstate Children’s Compact
Commission (MIC3) – along with many other organizations, non-profits, and public entities – will celebrate the important role of military children. Across the nation, states, communities, and schools celebrate in various ways, including wearing the color purple. This year, the Commission has selected Wednesday, April 20th as our official “Purple Up! For Military Kids” day.

As a member of Rhode Island’s State Council, supporting military children in public schools
throughout our state, we oversee the military compact administration and ensure compliance under the rules and regulations of the Compact. I ask for your support in April for “Purple Up! For Military Kids” by:

1. Coordinating a month or day within your respective organizations
2. Promoting support through your communication channels (website, newsletters, media), State
Council, stakeholders, and partners by tagging #MIC3Compact and #purpleup4militarykids
3. Coordinating and/or supporting a gubernatorial proclamation designating April as the Month
of the Military Child
4. Attending a school district or school level event

In addition, the lights on the Sakonnet River Bridge will be purple on April 20th. Additional
information and resources can be found in the Purple Up! Toolkit or website:

Should you have any questions on the Compact, please contact me at 401-849-2122 or
rkraeger@mpsri.net or visit www.mic3.net.

Rhode Island is committed to military children and providing a high-quality education for all
students in our public schools. Please join me in thanking our military children for their strength and  sacrifice by supporting “Purple Up! For Military Kids” this month – they deserve our support!

Rosemarie K. Kraeger, Superintendent
Middletown Public Schools
Commission Past Chairman
MIC3 Commissioner – Rhode Island