MPS PE & Health Curriculum

The K-12 Health and Physical Education Curriculum identifies what all students should know and be able to do in health and physical education. Each grade or course includes the Health Literacy for All Students, The Rhode Island Health Education Framework, Rhode Island Department of Comprehensive Health Instructional Outcomes, The Rhode Island Physical Education Framework, and the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, research-based instructional strategies, resources, map (or suggested timeline), rubrics, and checklists. 

The curriculum provides learners with a sequential comprehensive education in Health through study of Health Literacy for All Students, The Rhode Island Health Education Framework and Rhode Island Department of Comprehensive Health Instructional Outcomes that include:

  1. Personal Health

  2. Mental and Emotional Health

  3. Injury Prevention

  4. Nutrition

  5. Sexuality and Family Life

  6. Disease Control and Prevention

  7. Substance Use and Abuse Prevention

And through the study of Physical Education from The Rhode Island Physical Education Framework that include:

  • Movement forms

  • Motor skills

  • Benefits of physical activity

  • Physically active life styles

  • Responsible personal and social behavior

  • Internal and external environments that influence physical activity

grade level

PE K-1

PE 2-3

PE 4-5

PE 6-8

PE 9-12

Health K-2

Health 3-4

Health 5-6

Health 7-8

Health 9-10

Health 11-12

 curriculum matrix / framework

curriculum timeframe / maps

Health & Physical Education Mission Statement 

The mission of the Physical Education and Health program is to provide a well-rounded education of the highest quality, based on research and best practice.   We are committed to empowering our students to maintain physically, emotionally, and socially healthy lifestyles in order to lead productive and fulfilling lives.


Health & PE Philosophy Statement

In Middletown Public Schools, we believe the Health and Physical Education Programs will:


  • Establish clear expectations and hold students to high standards adhering to the Rhode Island Health and Physical Education Frameworks, Common Core of English Language Arts Standards, Applied Learning Standards, and Student Learning Expectations. 

  • Provide high quality instruction for students, using best practices, analysis of available data, and a variety of assessment strategies. 

  • Differentiate instruction by varying content, process, and authentic products.  

  • Integrate informational reading and writing (when applicable) throughout the curriculum. 

  • Utilize technology to enhance student learning and support effective teaching. 

  • Encourage students to develop strong social skills in order to build and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lives. 

  • Encourage members of community to adopt appropriate behaviors that would lead to a healthy active lifestyle. 

  • Provide students with the opportunities and resources to understand concepts and develop the physical skills needed to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.  

  • Provide students the opportunity to analyze the influence culture, media, technology, and other factors on health. 

  • Provide opportunities to develop multiple strategies for problem solving, goal setting, and decision-making to enhance health. 

  • Support educator growth and professional development opportunities within the district, region, and national organizations. 

  • Encourage students to become confident and effective advocates for personal, family, community and environmental health.