Spirit Week!

SPIRIT WEEK!   February 8-12

Everyone participate - Every day!

Monday, February 8th - Favorite Character Day - Dress as your favorite character from any movie, play, book, comic, tv show or video game.

Tuesday, February 9th - Future Career Day  - Dress like you were going to work for your future career.

Wednesday, February 10th - Favorite Color Day  - Dress head to toe in your favorite color.

Thursday, February 11th - Have a Heart and Good Deeds Feinstein Scholar Day  - Dress in pink/white/red and do a good deed for someone today.  List your good deed on a sticky note and give it to your teacher to post.  

Friday, February 12th - Create Your Own Dress Up Day  - Each homeroom decides what their dress up theme will be -- faculty will come and judge the best homeroom in each grade.