Hello Middletown Public Schools Community!

Beginning today, February 9, our Grade 6-12 students are scheduled to begin taking the Rhode Island SurveyWorks school survey at both Gaudet Middle School and Middletown High School. These survey opportunities will continue for our learners throughout the week and focus on a myriad of school experiences including climate, culture, classroom learning, in-school relationships, safety, communication, and more. 

In addition to student surveys, faculty members and community members are also strongly encouraged to take their versions of the survey. This survey is the #1 piece of evidence that we use at the secondary level when considering how to improve our programs so participation and honest answers are essential! The survey is anonymous so please feel free to answer as you see fit.

Families and faculty will receive emails with detailed information within the next day or so including:

- The SurveyWorks survey link

- The universal login password

Thanks for your attention to this important survey opportunity! 

Take care,

Jeff Heath


Middletown High School