After being handed out/emailed out  in Advisories on February 23 and February 24, Course selection sheets are now OVERDUE. If you have not yet completed a course selection form please use the following resources to help you complete the process:

Essential Resources for Selecting Courses:

MHS Program of Studies Website (SY 2021-2022)

Description: A comprehensive list of courses that we are seeking to offer this upcoming school year. Please note that ultimately, which courses we will be able to run will depend on student requests and available resources. 


Course Selection Sheets (*Hard copies were handed out in Advisories for in-person students on Tues, 2/23 and Wed, 2/24. Additional hard copies may also be found in the main office and Ms. Richardson’s office by guidance)




Description: Students should use the appropriate course list and selection sheet that pertains to their class to select their courses. Every attempt should be made to get signatures of teacher approval for the courses that the student would like to take. That being said, we understand that this may not be possible for all students depending on their current method of attending. As mentioned above, selection sheets can be turned-in to either Ms. Richardson or your guidance counselor in hard copy or digital form (i.e. email). 

Students should submit their Course Selection Sheets to either Ms. Richardson ( or their guidance counselor via hard copy or email.

Please note that if course selection sheets are not returned by this date, students risk having their courses chosen for them with no guarantees of being able to switch courses come the fall semester.

Thank you kindly for your assistance with this important matter!

Dr. Jeff Heath


Middletown High School