Aquidneck School - Third grade students using our new interactive smart boards! Thanks Aquidneck PTG!
1 day ago, Erica Bulk
Aquidneck School - First grader sharing his writing!
2 days ago, Erica Bulk
Aquidneck School - Students in 2L finished their module on Being a Good Citizen. They surprised me with a bouquet of flowers to show their kindness and brainstormed ideas on how their principal shows kindness and being a good citizen! #wearemiddletown. #iloveourschool
3 days ago, Erica Bulk
ess ?
new board
Aquidneck School - October 13th School News
3 days ago, Erica Bulk
Aquidneck School - October 6th Schools News
10 days ago, Erica Bulk
oct 6
Celebrate National Principals Month with the best group of principals in Rhode Island. Jeff Heath, Dennis Soares, Billy Niemeyer, Rebecca Silveira, Erica Bulk and Lisa Birkett are here to make a positive difference every day for our children. #wearemiddletown
11 days ago, Michelle Fonseca
Aquidneck School - Don't Forget tomorrow (9/29/21) is our first distance learning day. There is no live instruction (no google meets). All work is in backpacks or on google classroom. See everyone on Thursday!!!
18 days ago, Erica Bulk
DL Day
Aquidneck School- School News 9/28/21
18 days ago, Erica Bulk
Aquidneck School - Don't forget Tuesday, 9/28 is picture day at Aquidneck! Please use the order form sent home or you can use this link to order online. Aquidneck School Code is EVT8KDRK3
19 days ago, Erica Bulk
pic day
Aquidneck School - Don't Forget Open House is tonight!
24 days ago, Erica Bulk
Open House 2
Aquidneck School - School News 9/24/21
25 days ago, Erica Bulk
After a year long search, K-5 is launching a brand new high quality English Language Arts Curriculum! It is designed to improve literacy with a focus on supporting ALL learners! We are excited to inspire our readers, writers and lifelong learners! More info to come!
26 days ago, Michelle Fonseca
Aquidneck School Open House September 22, 2021
30 days ago, Erica Bulk
Open House
Aquidneck School - Our first Principal awards going out to our students day! Following Sharkie Rules - Be Safe, Be Responsible, & Be Respectful! Way to go!
about 1 month ago, Erica Bulk
principal awards
Aquidneck School - New Kindergarten friends!
about 1 month ago, Erica Bulk
Vaccination Clinic at Gaudet Middle School on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. 2:00pm-7:00pm. Use the QR Code to sign up!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Fonseca
Please be patient with the arrival and drop off patterns as we refine them at each school. It will get better!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Fonseca
traffic 2
School is back in session and the Middletown Police Department is advising motorists avoid the following areas during school hours. Drive slow and drive safe.
about 1 month ago, Michelle Fonseca
Aquidneck School - Second Graders had big smiles for the first day of school in Mrs Bolton’s class!
about 1 month ago, Erica Bulk
BUS ROUTES are POSTED Additionally Student Accident Insurance is linked at bottom of the page
about 1 month ago, Michelle Fonseca