Facility Management Mission

To support the Middletown Public Schools Mission by:

  • Keeping our Schools Safe

  • Attractive

  • Functional

  • Efficient

Facility Management Vision

The Facilities Management Team will collectively use their talents, creativity and manpower to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Beliefs

  1. Teamwork: We use teamwork and collaboration to problem-solve and meet our goals, recognizing that teams outperform individuals acting alone.

  2. Quality: We set high standards and expect nothing less than the best from ourselves.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Without our customers there would be no need for our services. We believe in providing quality services for our customers.

  4. Pride: We take pride in ourselves, our work and the services we provide to the Middletown Public Schools.

  5. Recognition: We recognize and celebrate each other's achievements and we have fun in our work.

  6. Freedom of Expression: We encourage employee feedback where diverse ideas and feelings can be expressed openly and safely and where differences of opinion are respected.

  7. Accountability: We are all responsible for our actions and behaviors and for the facilities and resources entrusted to us. We are willing to share and accept information, including information relating to our performance and impact on others.

  8. Growth: We support personal development through training, mentoring, and effective supervision, striving for continuous improvement. We appreciate and encourage risk-taking to try innovative methods and approaches.

Facility Testing Results

Important Links & Contact Information

Poe George
Director of Facilities, Transportation and Safety
26 Oliphant Lane
Middletown, RI
Phone: 401.849.2122
Fax: 401.849.0202