Portrait of an MHS Graduate

At Middletown High School we are deeply committed to providing the skills and attributes that will ensure success for EVERY student. Upon graduating from MHS, students will have mastered the ability to be:

Reflective Innovators

  • Initiates learning by utilizing curiosity and inquiry

  • Ask questions and actively listens in order to challenge the thinking of others and yourself

  • Engages in constructive conversations to arrive at a common goal or solution

  • Takes appropriate risks, reflects and makes adjustments based on the design process and deeper learning

  • Applies an inquiry-based design process in order to arrive at a reasonable conclusion and/or next steps

  • Effectively communicates the outcomes of the design process while acknowledging both successes and failures

Productive Collaborators

  • Gives and receives meaningful feedback

  • Embraces personal responsibility for common team goals and outcomes

  • Actively listens to understand and build on diverse ideas and perspectives

  • Possesses the ability to compromise in order to collectively solve problems

Global Citizens

  • Collaborates productively with diverse individuals and groups of people

  • Respects different cultures, perspectives, and beliefs

  • Communicates ethically, effectively, and productively to inform others about relevant topics in both face to face and online situations

  • Generates practical and creative solutions to local and global issues

Motivated and Engaged Learners

  • Takes initiative to recognize problems and develop appropriate solutions using a variety of strategies

  • Reflects on successes and challenges and makes appropriate adjustments in order to meet academic, personal, and professional goals

  • Develops a plan and demonstrates resilience to achieve a learning goal

  • Provides, receives, and incorporates constructive feedback from peers, teachers, and community to gain perspective and meet and achieve learning goals

Effective Communicators

  • Uses appropriate conventions and evidence to convey ideas clearly (May include written ,verbal or visual content, as well as a variety of online venues to digitally communicate)

  • Uses discipline specific writing conventions, formats, and vocabulary to communicate ideas

  • Seeks to understand a variety of points of view and perspectives

  • Uses technology effectively and responsibly to communicate findings to a variety of audiences