Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements

1. All students will successfully complete a Capstone Project, which is an exhibition based on student choice that involves independent research, problem solving, and a written and oral presentation before a panel. Successful completion will be a demonstration of proficiency in four applied learning standards and the standards in at least one content area.

Capstone Manual 2019-2020

Capstone Presentation Format Guidelines 



2. All students will successfully complete a Graduation Portfolio which contains acceptable entries from all content areas. The entire Graduation Portfolio shall document evidence that the student has demonstrated proficiency in each of the MHS academic Student Learning Expectations (SLEs), which are:

  • A Middletown High School graduate will effectively utilize literacy skills: reading analysis and interpretation, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • A Middletown High School graduate will acquire, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas to solve problems effectively.

  • A Middletown High School graduate will demonstrate technological literacy.

  • A Middletown High School graduate will demonstrate a critical understanding of aesthetics.

  • A Middletown High School graduate will identify behaviors that are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Specific requirements of the MHS Graduation Portfolio, i.e., quantity of acceptable entries required reflective writing, etc. will be published in the MHS Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirement Handbook and is subject to School Committee approval.

Formative portfolio assessments will occur during the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. The final Graduation Portfolio assessment will occur no later than the second semester of the senior year.

Successful completion of a Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) shall be a sufficient substitute for completion of the Graduation Portfolio.


More Information on the Graduation Portfolio Requirements


minimum requirements - subject to change, please contact MHS and your guidance counselor for additional questions

The graduation portfolio must satisfy the following state requirements:

  • Proficiency in all strands from each SLE

  • Evidence of proficiency in Applied Learning within each core area

  • Evidence of proficiency in each of the Applied Learning standards

  • 1 successfully completed on-demand task

  • 1 successfully completed extended task

  • 1 successfully completed task reflecting an individual interest

Note: A single task may satisfy more than 1 requirement