Internet email accounts are issued only to Middletown Public Schools permanent staff. All email accounts will be subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Middletown Public Schools reserves the right to add policies and make revisions to these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Users understand that they agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Middletown Public Schools’ Technology Polices. Users also understand that this is a school district account, not a private account, and is subject to supervision, inspection, and review. Any abuse or improper use of this account will result in termination of the MPSRI Internet email account as well as any appropriate legal action as deemed necessary by Middletown Public Schools &/or local law enforcement agencies. This account shall be used mainly for purposes directly related to education &/or employee function. Commercial, financial gain, political activism, spamming, and/or gaming are strictly prohibited. Users understand that the use of obscene or profane language is not considered professional and will not be tolerated. Emails containing such language, either inbound or outbound, will be stopped and/or blocked.

In most cases, your Internet email account address will be your first initial last name@mpsri.net. For example: David T. Smith would be dsmith@mpsri.net. Please make note of your password as it is your responsibility to remember it. We recommend that you change your password at least once per year and it should be at least 6 to 8 characters long. It should include both letters and numbers. Users should make every effort to check their accounts on a regular basis. The technology department suggests daily. Users may check their email using any Internet accessible PC.

The district reserves the right to limit the size of your email mailbox. If your box is too full, you will receive a message stating so. If you discover that you temporarily need a larger mailbox, please submit an online work order with your explanation as to why a larger mailbox is necessary. Middletown Public Schools cannot take responsibility for loss of access but users will be notified, in advance, whenever possible.


A. Middletown Public Schools provides access to electronic mail for all employees, class accounts upon request and, on a limited basis, for secondary students.

B. Access to email is for employee, class, and/or student use in any educational and instructional business that they may conduct.

C. Personal use of electronic mail is permitted as long as it does not violate Middletown Public Schools' policy and/or adversely affect others or the network.

D. Electronic mail should reflect professional standards at all time.

E. Middletown Public Schools' email accounts may not be used for political or personal gain.

F. Middletown Public Schools' email accounts may not be used for attempting or successfully sending anonymous messages.

G. Middletown Public Schools' email accounts may not be used for sending group emails to more than 20 recipients without permission of Middletown Public Schools’ Administration.

H. Middletown Public Schools' email accounts may not be used for posting or forwarding other user's personal communication without the author's consent.

I. If requested, student teachers will be issued an account. This account will remain active for 1 day after the student teacher completes their term.

J. A teacher that is on leave will continue to have access to their account.

K. A long term substitute (fills a posted long term position or a position requiring 30 consecutive days) are issued an email account. This account will remain active until 30 days after the last day of school.

L. If requested, day to day substitutes will be issued an account if they have completed 30 (non-consecutive) days in a single school year. This account will

remain active until 30 days after the last day of school.

M. Retired employee accounts will remain active until 30 days after the first day of school during the following school year (approximately October 1).