Talking to Your Children About Violence

Many parents have reached out to Superintendent Kraeger asking for guidance and resources to address the concerns about recent violence in schools across the country. 

The following links contain resources to assist with conversations you might be having at home. 

Our School Psychologists, Social Workers, and Middle and High School Guidance Counselors are available to provide support as well.

NASP:  Talking to Children About Violence

NASP:  Conversando con Niños Sobre la Violencia: Sugerencias para Padres y Maestros

NASP:  Conversando com Crianças sobre Violência: Dicas para Pais e Professores

NCTSN:  Talking to Children About a Shooting

NCTSN:  Guía para los Padres para Ayudar a los Jóvenes después de un Tiroteo Reciente