Have A "Heart Art!"


MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (FEBRUARY 10, 2021) – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Forest Avenue School is getting into some “Heart Art!”

Part of a community outreach event by the Forest Avenue School Parent Teacher Group, parents, students and staff will be working with Island Art Spot to do a “feel good” project together.

Through the school’s participation in the Feinstein Junior Scholar program, students are encouraged to give the craft they make to someone who helps others as a way to express appreciation.

Principal Beth Hayes said such cooperative activities are so critical everyday, but especially now with life changed so much by COVID-19. During the virtual webinar, participants will be led by staff at Island Art Spot through a watercolor painting activity to create a craft of their own to enjoy and keep.

“Forest Avenue School always does an amazing job to incorporate community into their education,” said parent Jillian McLeish, whose son Ben is a first grader at the school. “The ‘Heart For Helpers’ is just another example of this and how important it is to teach our children to thank people that go to work everyday to protect, help and save us, most times without much thanks and gratitude.”

Now more than ever, communities like Middletown rely on PTGs and other volunteer groups to help provide some of the “extras” in schools. From covering the costs of fieldtrips and playground equipment to treats for students and staff, the work of volunteers like the Forest Avenue School PTG is invaluable.

Educators readily admit that without such assistance, the positive experiences students have at school wouldn’t be quite as rich because there’s only so much that can happen day to day in the classroom.

School staff agreed that such activities are critical to the overall development of every student and help support the important learning that happens in kindergarten through grade three at Forest Avenue School.

“As a Feinstein Junior Scholar School, it is important that students know that doing good deeds and making others feel happy is a great feeling for those who are giving and receiving,” first grade teacher Camille Guerin said.